What’s New in CRMLS i-Tech Rapattoni Jan2021

The following CRMLS i-Tech Rapattoni system enhancements are effective Tuesday, January 12th, 2021.


New Mapping Options and Features


Map Layer Polygon Searches

The Interactive Map Search now supports polygon searches for map layers that include shape outlines, such as MLS Areas, Counties, and School Districts.

With this enhancement, users can activate a qualifying map layer, left click on the desired shape, and select the “Add to Search” or “Exclude from Search” options to add or exclude that area in the search criteria. Once added, users can use the Map Shapes edit panel to toggle between Include and Exclude behavior, and Check All or Uncheck all listings.

Please note that this enhancement is not available for the Parcels layers or for map layers that provide point data with no shape outlines (such as County Recorded Sales, Current MLS Listings, or Schools).

Click here to watch a quick tutorial video and learn more about the new Map Layer Polygon enhancement.


Map Layer Retention

Map layers you have enabled now remain visible while using the Draw tool to create shapes and the Measure tool to plot map points. This makes it easier to use these tools with existing shapes and plot points already on the map.



Auto-Prospecting & Prospect Cart Enhancements


Improved Field Matching for Auto-Prospecting

Listings that may not have initially qualified for Auto-Prospecting due to incomplete or incorrect listing input data will now appear in Auto-Prospecting once they meet the criteria. 

For example: A user accidentally enters a listing with no pool, resulting in the listing being skipped by Auto-Prospecting searches looking for a pool. Once the user corrects the listing to show it has a pool, Auto-Prospecting will now recognize it and include that listing in the Prospect Cart automatically.

Please note that this change may result in increased Auto-Prospecting matches for you and your clients.


Cart Maintenance Updates

The Cart Maintenance sub-section has been separated from the Client Portal options on the Contact Information page, allowing users to manage Prospect Cart statuses even if the Client Portal hasn’t been activated.



Enhanced Cart Maintenance with Audit Trail

Previously, Cart Maintenance would remove listings with statuses that a user sets to be filtered out of the Prospect Cart. Instead of being completely removed, the system now automatically flags as “hidden” those listings that don’t match the selected statuses in all areas of the Prospect Cart. Users can easily view hidden listings by using a new toggle in the upper-right corner of the Prospect Cart to switch between hidden and un-hidden listings.

Users can also access hidden listings directly from the Contacts/Prospects page.

Please note that hidden listings do not display in Client Portals.



New Agent Rejected & Client Rejected Tabs

To further improve the audit trail of your client’s activity, the Prospect Cart’s Rejected tab has been split into separate Agent Rejected and Client Rejected tabs. These new tabs have greatly increased limits for the number of listings that users can reject and make it easy to identify and review listings that you, the agent, has rejected versus listings rejected by your clients.

Please note that the new Client Rejected tab will be visible for both you and your clients while the Agent Rejected tab is only visible to you. This enhancement only applies to rejected listings moving forward; any listings that you or a client rejected prior to this enhancement will automatically remain in the Client Rejected tab.



Client/Agent Rejected Tab Listing Counters

Client Rejected and Agent Rejected counts have been added to the Prospect Cart columns (replacing the original Rejected count column) on the Contacts/Prospects page, allowing you to easily view the number of listings that you and your client have rejected.



Prospect Cart Activity Info Button

A new “Prospect Cart Activity” icon has been added to the Prospect Cart’s One Line Grid, allowing you to quickly review recent activity for a listing. Activity includes when the listing was moved to Saved or Rejected, any comments made about the listing, the last activity date, and who made any changes.



Agent Rejected & Client Rejected Email Notices

The Contact Information form’s “Rejected Listings” check box options under the “Include Updates For:” section have been updated to support the new Agent Rejected and Client Rejected tabs.

Please note that the Auto-Prospecting emails sent to Clients only include “Rejected” updates on Client Rejected listings (with no information on Agent Rejected listings), while the Auto-Prospecting emails sent to you include updates on both Agent Rejected and Client Rejected listings.



New Search Fields Available for Agent/Office Search

The Agent/Office Search has been updated with additional search criteria options, including new fields for users to search for an agent or office using phone number and email address as criteria. As part of this enhancement, users may also search for offices using the street address as criteria.




IDX Detail Page Updates

In compliance with recent changes to IDX regulations, the IDX Detail page has been updated so that the “Courtesy of:” section is immediately visible near the top of the page without having to scroll.



Redesigned Rapattoni MLS Learning Center Now Available

Rapattoni is pleased to announce that it has updated the entire MLS Learning Center to provide a cleaner interface and deliver more clear and concise information. This includes updated search, scroll, and filter tools that make it quick and easy to find the content that is important to you.


To view all the Learning Center tutorials that are currently available, click the “Learning Center” option under the Help drop-down in the MLS menu bar or click the corresponding link directly from the Support Center Home page module.


As part of this update, new “Info” and “Share” icons have been added to the lower-left corner of every video, providing the viewer with a quick summary of what the video covers and allowing the viewer to share the video through email or via social media.



Updated Feb 2021