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Matrix: How to Add Virtual Tours to a Listing

You may add a virtual tour while adding a listing or after you have added a listing into Matrix. The Virtual Tour fields are located in the Description tab during the listing input process. You may

Virtual Tour FAQs

Paragon: Tours and Caravans

PSAR Rally & Ride (East & South) NSDCAR Tours & Caravans

Paragon: Tour and Open House Search

Search – Tour and Open House Follow these steps to search for properties that will be having a public open house or are on a broker tour or caravan.   Click on the Search icon, and under S

Cloud CMA – Creating a Buyer Tour

Cloud CMA includes four report sets, including a CMA, a buyer tour, a single property report, and a property flyer. A real estate professional compiles a buyer tour when a buyer is ready to tour pr

Flexmls: Add Change Listing Virtual Tour

Change Listing - Media - Virtual Tour The Media section is where you can upload and edit your listing photos, documents, video links, and virtual tours.   Virtual Tour A virtual tour is a s

How do I add/edit media (like photos or virtual tours) on a listing?

Adding Photos: After you have submitted your listing in Matrix, click the Add/Edit tab, and select your listing in the Quick Modify drop-down menu. Click Manage Photos under Other Options. Click B

Paragon: How To Add a Listing to a Tour or Open House

This guide will show you how to add your listing to a broker or agent caravan, known as a “tour,” as well as to a public open house. Before adding your listing to a tour in Paragon, please check t

Cloud CMA: Live Buyer Tours 03/27/2023

CRMLS is pleased to announce the newest Cloud CMA feature coming to its users: Live Buyer Tours, going into effect on Monday, March 27th. With Live Buyer Tours, you can create modern and mobile Buyer

Flexmls: Tour of Homes & Open House Searching

This quick reference guide takes you through the updated, redesigned Tour of Homes/Open House/Broker Tour Search in CRMLS Flexmls.    From the Main Menu, under Daily Functions, click Tour/Op

Matrix: Search and Add/Edit Field Label Changes

Matrix Makeover Search and Add/Edit Field Label Changes   Current Field Label New Field Label Style Architectural Style Association HOA Amenities Association Dues 1

ShowingTime: How It Works

  CRMLS is making it easy for members to show and sell listings by adding ShowingTime to Matrix, Paragon and Flex. It's a MLS-integrated online showing request & feedback system that r

Matrix: How to View Search Results

VIEWING SEARCH RESULTS From the Search page, click on the Results tab or the Results button.  Once you generate the Results, Matrix will display a search result window like the one below. (You c

Paragon: Remarks Guidelines

Enter only property or community characteristics. These remarks show on MLS Client Reports and IDX sites. No Agent info/phone/email, No showing instructions, or that property is vacant. No Tours

Paragon: Search

Paragon: Search - Quick Search Paragon: Search - Map Search Paragon: Search - Hotsheet Search Paragon: Search - Tour and Open House Search Paragon: Search - Save a Search Paragon: Searc

Virtual Showings and Virtual Open Houses

Virtual Showings Among other teleconference solutions, the following tools are available to conduct a virtual showing: Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts. It’s important that the Showing Agent

Flexmls: Virtual Open House Options

Virtual "Livestream" Open Houses in Flex Flex now has Virtual "Livestream" Open Houses available. Agents can use a multitude of online communication services including GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Google H

Paragon: Virtual Open House Options

Virtual Open House/Live Stream in Paragon Paragon now has a virtual open house option, allowing you to live stream video of properties to the public. Agents can use a multitude of online communicatio

Virtual Open House FAQs

CRMLS VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE (VOH) FAQ With the new Virtual Open House options in MLS systems, you may find new buyers virtually! Just treat them like normal Open Houses where you can answer question

Cloud CMA – Creating a CMA

Cloud CMA is an online comparative market analysis report generator. Generate comprehensive, informative, personalized, and eye-catching reports for your buyers and sellers. Cloud CMA includes four re