Matrix – Neighborhood Market Report Seller Participant Opt-in field

On Tuesday, March 8th, a unique field is being added to Matrix and to the printable listing forms. The new feature allows you to choose whether your listings may be included in Neighborhood Market Reports (NMRs)


To access the new feature, FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS.

1. Choose to Edit your listings by clicking on the Add/Edit tab in Matrix

2. Click on the "Office/MLS" tab

OfficeMLS Tab Image

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Find the section that reads "Neighborhood Market Report Seller Participant Opt-in". The default is "Yes". You can choose to opt-out by clicking on the drop down box and choosing "No".

NMR Box Image

4. Click on the "Submit Listing" button.

Submit Listing Image


To view NMR status of listings, FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS.

1. Perform a search in Matrix

2. Choose a column on your search results screen and left click. A box will appear. Click on "Insert Column".

Insert Column Image

3. In the search box, type in "Neighborhood". You will see the "GRID – NeighborhoodMarketReportYN" option appear. Click on it, then click "Apply".

Grid Image

4. Your new column titled "NMR" will appear showing either "Y" or "N" indicating whether or not each property is allowed to be included in Neighborhood Market Reports.

NMR Column Image

You can also find this new feature on the printable listing forms titled as "Neighborhood Market Report Seller Participant Opt-In?"

Please note, even if you choose to include your listings in NMR's your broker ultimately decides whether or not their office's listings may be included. Please speak with your broker directly to confirm NMR status for their office's listings.