Matrix System Updates Effective March 29, 2016

Matrix System Updates Effective March 29, 2016


1. CMA Retention

CMAs will be visible for 180 days instead of 90, before they are automatically deleted by Matrix.

2. CMA Search Change.

The default search range on the CMA search page for status Closed, Expired and Cancelled has been changed from 0-90 to 0-180 days.



3. Agent 1 Line Display Changes

The changes include: Swapping the Year Built and Square Ft fields, Right Justify the Street Number field, Center Jusify the Sale Type, List/Sold Price, Price/Sqft, Square Ft and Year Built fields.


Old Agent 1 Line Display

4. Listing Office ID field being added to the Open House Search Screen.

Users will now have the abilitiy to search Open House by Listing Office ID. 



5. Original List Price field added to the Customer Full report.



6. Open House Multi-Map display enhancements.

Price Change Arrows and DOM/CDOM fields will be added to the Open House Multi-Map display in Matrix.

Multi-Map Display


7. Multi-Map Report Changes.

List Date has been added to the Multi-Map Report. The field will be changed to End Date when a listing goes to a Sold, Leased, Cancelled or Expired status.




8. Showing Contact Type field (Required).

The Showing Contact Type field is now required during listing input. 



9. Property Type Sort Order change.

The Type picklist item Stock Cooperative has been moved underneath Condo.  This change will appear in Search and Add/Edit.





10. School District field (Required).

The School District field is now required during listing input.



11. Open House Search changes.

Users will now have the ability to search and display number of Stories in Open House.



12. Display Order and Name Change.

The Hot Sheet display option has been renamed to Agent Hot Sheet and relocated below the Agent 1 Line display.



13. Member Roster Display Enhancements.

Syndication selections will be added to the member roster display so that users can see what syndication options were made for any given office.  *Users will be restricted to their own office syndication options.



14. Water Source field being added to the Land Property Type.

The Water Source field, which already exists for other property types, has been added to the Land property type.


15. Public 1 Line display changes.

Lot Square Footage (LSqft) field has been added to the Public 1 Line display in the Client Portal. Map Book field was removed.


16. Residential Income: Land Fee/Lease Field (Required).

The Land Fee/Lease field will be required during Listing input.