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New Agent Medium Display

New Agent Medium

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Original Agent Medium

AGENT MEDIUM Report Enhancements

CRMLS continues to evolve and make improvements to services and products that assist you with your day-to-day business.

We are preparing to release some extensive changes to the Agent Medium report within CRMLS Matrix. The updates to the report are a direction result from the feedback we received from CRMLS subscribers after the Matrix release on June 9th.

The new Agent medium report will be live on the morning of Tuesday, July 21st.

Some of the most notable changes are:


  • Larger font throughout report
  • Bold Property Description field and Agent Remarks field


  • New DATES section highlights all important dates in one location including: LISTING DATE, PRICE CHANGE, STATUS CHANGE, LISTING MODIFIED, PURCHASE CONTRACT and END DATE
  • SHOWING field appears above the AGENT REMARKS field
  • CONTINGENCY notes appear after the AGENT REMARKS field
  • COMPENSATION notes, if used, appear after the S.O. COMP field
  • Listing agent contact information including Direct, Cell, Toll Free, Fax, Email and Home are all listed in one column within the AGENT/OFFICE section
  • Fields in the top right section of the report have been reorganized. GARAGE SPACES field and GARAGE ATTACHED fields have been added to this section
  • KEY SAFE DESCRIPTION field and KEY SAFE LOCATION field have been consolidated to one field titled KEY SAFE
  • CONTRACT INFORMATION field has been removed
  • CLOSING INFORMATION field has been reformatted for improved alignment
  • 55+ field has been moved into a column within the DESCRIPTION section
  • HORSE field has been moved into a column with the DESCRIPTION section
  • LEASE? field has been moved to the SHOWING/LISTING section and renamed to LEASE CONSIDERED?


  • A “arrow” icon will appear next to the LIST PRICE field should a change in list price occur