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Change Listing – Media – Virtual Tour

The Media section is where you can upload and edit your listing photos, documents, video links, and virtual tours.


Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a slide show or other interactive media that is pre-recorded or created and not scheduled.

Virtual Tour links are clickable links on reports within Flexmls, client search notifications, and subscriptions. They are also distributed to third-party websites.

Click Add Virtual Tour to add a new virtual tour to the listing.


In the Link box, enter the full web address (including http://) from your virtual tour provider. Include an optional description, select the Type (Branded Tour or Unbranded Tour), and click Save Changes.


Click to highlight the video to edit or remove. Select if the video will be public or private. Click/hold and drag to re-arrange the video order.

Click Add Video to add additional video links.

If you made any changes or added a video, click Save Changes.


Once you have uploaded all virtual tours, click Return to edit your listing at the top of the page to continue adding media or to exit your listing.


Updated August 2020