Glide: How to Manage Offers

This guide will show you, the Listing Agent, how to manage and review offers for a transaction before rejecting, accepting, or countering the offer.


Once a buyer’s agent submits an offer, Glide will send the listing agent an email notification stating, “You have received an offer on [property address], click here to view the offer.” The email will include an offer summary page for the listing agent to view.


The Offers Management page displays each offer you receive alongside key terms, offer documents, and any contingencies, enabling you to quickly compare each offer’s terms.

You can view the offers in either a Table or Compare layout. To change the view from Table to Compare, click the “Switch to Compare view” button to create a side-by-side display.

Scroll down the page to compare key details for each offer, including price, financing, and contingencies. Mark an offer as a Favorite by clicking on the “star.”


Click the “View” button on any offer to view it in detail.


When your client is ready to respond, use the “Decision” button and select Accept, Counter, or Reject as your client directs you.


You can also respond to an offer on the View page.


Click the “Switch to Table view” button to leave the “Compare” view.


In “Table” view, click the star to mark as a favorite, and hover the mouse over the fields to see more details. Scroll to the right to add remarks (visible only to you) or notes (visible to you and your seller) for you, your seller, or your team to review.



Sharing offers with clients

As the Listing party, you have two powerful sharing tools:

  • Offer Sharing in Seller’s Workspace
  • Present


From the Offers page, click the “Present” button to create a side-by-side display. This tool is perfect for video calls.


In “Compare view,” you can walk your sellers through the offer’s details in distraction-free full-screen mode.

Use the buttons in the top right corner to select “All Offers,” “Favorite,” “Pending,” or “Inactive.”

Click the “X” button to close Present mode.


Offer Sharing in Seller’s Workspace

You can also share offers with your sellers in their workspace. This enables them to explore received offers on their own time and at their own pace.

Some agents share offers in the seller’s workspace after they’ve walked through a Present session together, allowing sellers to reference the offers again independently if they need to.

From the Offers page, click the “Offer Sharing” button.

In the pop-up window, click the toggle switch to “Enable Offers in Seller’s Workspace.”

Glide will display your seller’s name and email address. Click on their name to update or modify if needed.

Click on the outline of a person with a “+” sign to invite additional people and/or create a new contact.

Click the “Mask Buyer Information from Sellers” toggle switch to enable the option to hide the buyer names in your seller’s workspace.

Click “OK” to proceed.

Type a message to your seller(s) and then click the “Send Invites” button.

Glide will send an email message to the sellers with a link to view the offers in Glide.


Protecting offer privacy

How do you and Glide protect the privacy of the offer details?

You have control over the accessibility settings. You may either enable your team members and clients to access offer details and documents or choose to keep them within your exclusive control.

Buyers’ agents cannot see any information on Glide about offers other than their own – only the property address and the offer submission dashboard. They also cannot view or access the listing agent’s notes on the offer.

Both the Present and Offer Sharing modes only display public notes. Glide does not show your private notes or remarks within your agent experience to sellers.


View Shared Offers as Seller

The client opens the email invitation and clicks the “See Offers” button to view the offer(s).


If your client already has a Glide account (to complete their seller disclosure forms, for example), they sign in with their password and access the Offers page.

If this is their first time accessing Glide, they will need to create an account and click “Sign Up.”.


Once the client has logged in, they can scroll through the Offers page.

If you have the “Mask Buyer Information from Sellers” option selected, clients will see blurs in the name fields.



Updated April 2021