MLS-Touch: Updates 03/22/2021

This guide will show you the latest updates to the MLS-Touch version 3.7 mobile app, coming the week of March 22nd, 2021.





New Feature: Realist® Flood Zones

MLS-Touch is the only mobile app that integrates with Realist. Now, the integration goes even deeper. You may now access important flood zone data from Realist in MLS-Touch. Turn on this new feature using the Map Settings tool bar on the Map View.



Enhanced Map Display – Map Pins

We have numerous improvements! We’ve redesigned map pins to offer more information. Pins now include a price summary, plus a small icon to indicate favorites, price reductions, and open houses. Where multiple results are available in the same location, MLS-Touch now displays an icon to indicate the number of properties.



Enhanced Map Display – Banner

For better visibility, a banner will display at the top of the map, in red, when you have zoomed out too far or the app has too many results.



Enhanced Realist® Parcel Display

MLS-Touch now highlights the parcel you select on the map.



Improved Smart Search

When you select a Point of Interest (POI) using the Smart Search bar, the map will now focus more intelligently to the appropriate zoom level for the POI.






Improved Listing Statuses Management

MLS-Touch now offers more flexibility with how it handles listing statuses for search and display. Updates include:

  • You can now search by multiple statuses at once.
  • When viewing My Listings, it’s now possible for you to see all your listings, regardless of status.





More Complete Contact Info

On the Listing Details page, when you select ‘Contact Agent – Call Me,’ you will now have access to multiple contact numbers, including mobile phone, office phone, and fax.



Easy Access to Agent Details

From the ‘Contact Agent’ pop-up, you can tap on the agent photo or name to open full agent details, including their listings and buying side transactions. You can access the same information by searching the Member directory.






Copy & Paste Capabilities

In Contacts and the Members directory, you can now easily copy & paste contact information by simply tapping and holding on the phone number or email address until the Copy command appears.






iOS Map Improvement

Following Apple Maps display standards, iPhone users will now find the Map Settings tool bar in the top right of the screen rather than the bottom right.


Android 11 Optimizations

Users will see some user interface (UI) updates in alignment with the new Android 11 platform, including new font styles, icons, and UI controls.


Note: to check your version, go into your MLS-Touch app, tap the More button at the bottom right, scroll down and click on Settings. At the bottom of the Settings page, your version will display. If you’re not on Version: 3.7.1, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.



Updated March 2021

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