Realist: Update 04/14/2021

Default MLS Listing Indicator Rename

Previously, any pushpins without MLS status would display “Default” as their overlay text. With this update, all pushpins without MLS status will display overlay text that reads “No MLS Activity.”



New Realist “Source” Field

Realist is introducing a new display field called “Source.” The Source field can provide data source detail for any listing. This field is available on the property detail report and other pages.



Condensed HTML Report

Realist is introducing a new, more condensed HTML Property Detail Report, with padding and spacing closer together for more information at a glance.


Bug Fixes


Listing ID missing from reverse link.

Issue: Clients reported that the listing ID was not being passed when there’s a reverse that goes back to the MLS system.

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue.



Realist Quick Search and My Search map pins will not load property cards.

Issue: When users clicked on results from Quick Search and My Search (pushpins on the map), results did not open the property cards on map.

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue



Realist Unmatched Sale Transactions causing error when included in Export.

Issue: In Realist, when a user included an “Unmatched Sale Transaction” in the selected records to export, Realist would display this error: “Cannot export data right now. Please try again later.”

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue.



Sell Score Data is not displayed in the cards view for the Starred/Favorite Properties.

Issue: Sell Score data would not display in card view for favorited properties.

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue.



Trend Layer on Realist Map displays Current as of May 2020.

Issue: Trend Layers (when selecting to view the details on Realist map) were showing dates that were not up to date.

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue.



Labels spacing between City and State.

Issue: Generated mailing labels displayed a noticeable space between the City and State of the address.

Fix: Realist has fixed the issue.




Updated April 2021