Matrix: How to Manage Your CMA Report 04/08/2021

How to Manage Your CMA Report

*Remember: CRMLS Matrix will delete any unmodified CMA that is over 180 days or older.*

Step 1:  The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports created in Matrix are stored and managed under My Matrix tab and CMAs. Click on CMAs to open list of Saved CMAs.

Step 2:  To open each CMA, click the CMA name or the triangle next to it. From there you have the following options:

  • Edit CMA – This option gives the ability to Remove or Search for Additional Comparables.
  • View CMA – This option gives the ability to open and Preview CMA.
  • Email CMA – Opens screen to Email selected CMA to client.
  • Delete CMA – Once you no longer need the CMA delete from list.

Step 3:  At the bottom of the screen are the options to Start a New CMA, Copy the Selected CMA or Delete the Selected CMA.


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