Matrix: How to Create a Hot Sheet

Hot Sheets will allow a Realtor to keep an eye on daily market changes in a specific area(s).

The Matrix system allows you to customize up to 10 Hot Sheets.  Once a Hot Sheet is customized, you can preview the daily market changes going back to “New Only,  This Session,  24 Hour,  Today,  3 Day,  7 Day, Custom.

Follow the steps below to Create a NEW Hot Sheet,

Step 1: Locate the Hot Sheet Widget in the Matrix Home tab and click Add/Customize.

Step 2: From the Manage Hot Sheets window,  click the Add button.

Step 3: In the Add Hot Sheet screen, Select the Hot Sheet Type of Listing desired from the drop-down menu.





Step 4:  Name this Hot Sheet and click Save.

Step 5: Based on NEW Highlighted Hot Sheet, Click the Edit Criteria button to set up the search criteria for this Hot Sheet.

Step 6: Select the Criteria for this Hot Sheet, then click the Save button.