MLS-Touch – Contact Synchronization with MATRIX

On May 14, 2019, MLS-Touch will have a new sync feature. MLS-Touch will be able to sync contacts and portal activity from CRMLS Matrix and bring that information into the MLS-Touch app.  MLS-Touch will also send that same information from the app back into Matrix.

Access From Any Device

MLS-Touch will automatically download your Matrix client list into your mobile app.  Any edits you make to your contacts through either MLS-Touch or Matrix will be kept in sync between both platforms.

Quickly access your contact info and connect with your clients by phone and email. When sending listing details to clients from MLS-Touch, you’ll save time and keystrokes by selecting email addresses from your contact list.

Getting Started

Syncing will activate automatically as soon as you log into the MLS-Touch app.
Depending on how many contacts you have it, might take up to 15 minutes to sync your contacts the first time.  After that, syncing will be instant.

How Sync Works

For a contact to sync, it must have a first & last name and email address.

If you have two contact profiles for a client each with a unique email, MLS-Touch will import them as two unique contacts.

If you’ve imported your contacts from your phone into MLS-Touch, those contacts will sync with Matrix as well.

If you’ve already manually entered some contacts into MLS-Touch, this new feature will ensure your lists are merged and synced automatically from this point forward.


How to Deactivate Syncing Contacts or Portal Content

If you do not want to sync your contacts or portal content, you can deactivate it in MLS-Touch from the “More/Setting” section.  Then go to “Matrix Integrations” then turn the switch off for Contacts Sync and/or Client Portal Sync.



Changes made in Matrix will instantly appear in MLS-Touch. Changes made in MLS-Touch will appear in Matrix once the list is refreshed by logging out and logging in again.