Paragon: Clone Listings & Save 09/18/2018

Paragon – How to Copy Clone Listings & Save

  1. From the home page select the Listings icon
  2. Under Maintain – select Listings
  1. A: Either enter the MLS# and select GO
    B: Choose your Status, change the Listing Owner to My Listings, select Search
  1. From the Action column, click Select an Action
  2. Then select Copy/Clone Listing

Paragon will generate a new Listing Input screen with most of the original data included. Note: A new listing# has NOT been generated yet.

  1. Fill in ALL the required fields and valuable property information.

At this point you can Save As a Partial Listing (steps 7A & 9), or Save Listing as Active (steps 7B-8).

  1. A: Save As Partial Listing: select Save, and click Save As Partial Listing.
    Paragon will generate a Partial Listing #, and copy only the primary photo. Your Listing is now saved. When you’re ready to activate this Listing, follow step 9.
  1. B: Save Listing as Active: select Save, and click Save Listing, and continue with step 8.
  1. Check Copy Pictures and/or Documents, and then select
    Paragon will transfer all photos and documents; and your Listing is now Active.
    Note: it may appear that only the primary photo is being transferred, but Paragon will transfer all photos to the new Listing when the Listing is Saved.
  1. For Partial Listings: Once your current Listing expires, activate the Partial Listing by selecting:

Listings, Maintain Partial, Select an Action, Maintain Partial, Save Listing.

Once the Listing is Saved the system will generate a NEW Listing number.

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