Paragon: Collab Center Seller Activity 09/18/2018

This is guide will show you how to associate a Listing with the Contact (Seller), allowing them to view counts on their property.

In Paragon, we’ll start with the Contact:

Adding a new Contact (Seller) 

  1. Click on Contact & Select Add Contact
  2. Enter the First and Last name of the Seller
  3. Enter their email address & click the circle by Primary
  4. You can add more info, or select Save
  1. Select Associate Property
  1. Check box to select listing & click Save
From an existing Contact (Seller)

  1. Click on Contact & Select View/Manage Contact
  2. Click on the Contacts name
  3. Click on the Seller Activity Folder & then select Associate Property

  1. Click Select a Listing
  1. Check the box next to the Listing
  2. Click Save

These next steps are the same for New or Existing Contacts (Sellers)

  1. Click the Disabled button to Enable the site for your seller.
    • The button will change to Enabled.
  1. Click the Welcome Email button & include a custom message.

  1. Click the button to Enable a Daily or Weekly Email Report (Site must be Enabled to allow this optional function).

You’ve completed the steps to Associate the Property with the Contact (Seller).

Now let’s look at the site!

The Sell Side Site

In the site, your Contact (Seller) can view counts on their property from:

  • The Collab Center
  • An Email
  • Views from a Search
  • Marked it as a Favorite, Possible, Rejected it
  • How many Agents Recommended it
  • Included in Saved Search and more…

Sellers can also see Active and Sold properties similar to theirs within a 5 mile radius. Search data is based on Sold properties within the last 180 days.

Activity Section
Competition Section

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