Paragon: Collab Center View Comments 09/18/2018

Collab Center View Comments – Quick Guide

When your contact makes a comment in the Collaboration Center you’ll receive an email (if you selected that option in your Collab Center Preferences wizard), and a blue symbol displays in Paragon. Here’s how to view comments.

    1. Click on the Contacts icon
    2. Select View/Manage Contacts
    3. Click on the blue 🗨 symbol and the contact’s profile will display
      • When a new comment has been added a blue symbol displays in the corresponding column where the property has been selected by the contact (i.e., Undecided, Favorite, Possible, Rejected)

  • Under Actions click on the 🗨 symbol to read the comment


      • You have the option to respond to them by writing a comment back to them in the Collab Center and then selecting Send. Some agents prefer to call or text the contact directly.


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