Matrix: What is HOLD Status?

The Hold status in Matrix allows you to temporarily remove your listing from an “Active” status, without having to cancel it. This feature will allow you to place your listing on Hold for up a specified amount of time. Marketing and Advertising as defined in Rule 7.9.1 is permitted. However, no showings are allowed, consistent with Rule 9.3.

Matrix will automatically reactivate your listing based on the Hold Activation Date. The hold activation date is when you expect your listing to be Active again. Matrix will send you email notifications as a reminder of when your listing will be reactivated based on the activation date entered, once at 7 days prior to activation and again at 1 day prior to activation. Follow the steps below to place your listing on a Hold status.

To update your listing’s status to Hold, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to your listings by hovering on the My Matrix tab and clicking on the My Listings link.


Step 2: Select the listing you want to modify, then click on the Edit button.


Step 3: Select Change to Hold.


Step 4: Enter the Hold Activation Date, then click Submit Listing.



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