Matrix: How to Add Photos to a Listing

After you have submitted your listing in the CRMLS Matrix platform, follow the steps below to add photos to your listing.

Step 1: Click the Add/Edit tab, then select the listing you want to modify in the Quick Modify drop-down menu.


Note: You can also type the Multiple Listing Number in the ML# field and click Edit.

Step 2: Click the Manage Photos link on the Modify Listing screen.


Step 3: Click Browse to navigate to the folder your photos are located in.


Step 4: Select the photo(s) you want to add to your listing and click Open.

AddingPhotosImage_4Note: You can add up to 75 photos to your listing.

Step 5: When you're finished adding your photos, click Save.

AddingPhotosImage_5For complete details on how to add photos to a listing in the CRMLS Matrix platform, refer to the  CRMLS Matrix Listing Management manual.


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