How To Create Hot Sheets


The CRMLs Matrix platform Hot Sheets allow you to customize up to 10 property specific Hot Sheets. In addition, you have the ability to select the "Days Back" for your Hot Sheet search from within the Hot Sheet widget.

Follow the steps below to set up your new Hot Sheets.

Step 1: Locate the Hot Sheet Widget in the Matrix Home tab and click Add/Customize.



Step 2: From the Manage Hot Sheets window, you can Add Hot Sheets, Rename them, Edit the Search Criteria, Reset Criteria, Delete Hot Sheets, and Restore System Defaults. To add a new hot sheet, click the Add button.



Step 3: In the Add Hot Sheet screen, click the Hot Sheet Type drop-down menu to select the property type you want work with.



Step 4: Once you have selected the property type (for this example we will work with Residential), click into the Name field and give the Hot Sheet a customized name, if desired, and click Save.



Step 5: Next, click the Edit Criteria button to set up your search preferences.



Step 6: Once you have selected the criteria of your choice, click the Save button.



Step 7: You can now return to the Matrix Home tab where you will see the updated Hot Sheet widget with a link to your custom hot sheet. From here, select the time frame you wish to view from the Days Back drop-down menu then click on the name of the Hot Sheet you wish to run.