Search for Listing using the Speed Bar

in Searching in Matrix

The Speed Bar uses specific key words to search for listings, open house and agents in a single search field. The Speed Bar is available just below the menu bar on every Matrix screen.  



1. Type the criteria into the Speed Bar search box and include a space after each criterion. A SFR $500000-600000 3+ 2+ San Dimas
    In this example, we are searching for Active listings, single family homes, priced from $500,000- $600,000, three or more bedrooms,
    two or more bathrooms (always enter bedrooms before baths), in San Dimas.
    Note: For a list of sample shortcuts, click on the gray question mark, next to the Speed Bar. 
2. To run the search, press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Speed Bar search box.

Note: The search bar by default searches for Residential Listings unless you specify a different property type.

The Agent 1 Line screen will display the listings matching the criteria you entered in the Speed Bar.