Matrix: How to Add Photos to a Listing (for photographers only) 01/14/2019

For Photographers Only: How to Input Photos Onto CRMLS Matrix Listings

Congratulations. You are being added to the CRMLS Photographer List! We appreciate your efforts and the services you will be providing to our membership. Please follow these steps to ensure you can input photographs on the listings of your clients who are CRMLS users.

Once you have received your photographer credentials to access our system, you will need to provide your Photographer MLS ID to your clients. They will need to add your Photographer MLS ID to each listing on which you upload photos. (Click here for a guide to this process that you may share with your clients)

Once your client has added your MLS ID to a listing, that specific listing will become available to you within our system. To access a specific listing, click the Add/Edit tab at the top of your home screen and input the MLS# for that listing in the Quick Modify field:

Once you have input the MLS#, select Manage Photos on the Modify Listing screen:

From the Manage Photos screen, you may add photographs to the listing by browsing your computer for the photographs you wish to upload. Our system allows for a maximum of 67 images to be uploaded to each listing:

Once the photographs have been uploaded and organized correctly, select Save to save the photographs to the listing.


January 2019

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