Matrix: How to Review Concierge Listings for Approval

This quick reference guide will teach you how to Review Concierge listings for Approval to send to your client. .  Concierge mode allows agents to approve new/updated listings before being emailed to client.

Step 1: You will be notified with a Concierge Alert! message upon logging in to Matrix on the upper left corner of the Matrix Home page when there are new listing matches for your client

Step 2:  Click on the notification displaying the number of auto email(s) and number of listing(s) to view the new listing matches for your client

Step 3:  By clicking on the Contact link in the Concierge Mode Summary, matrix will then allow you to view the listing matches that you approve to send to your client

 NOTE: The listings are not yet visible to your clients

Step 4: After reviewing the listings, you have the option to choose to RejectApprove Selected or Approve All

Step 5:  If you choose to approve any or all listings, those that were chosen will automatically be emailed to your client





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