Accessing Carts

The CRMLS Matrix platform provides you with multiple ways to access your Carts.  Refer to the following sections to access your Carts.
Accessing a Cart From The Home Tab
To access a Cart from the Home tab, click the Cart link in the My Carts widget.

Accessing a Cart From The Search Tab
1. Click the Search tab.
2. Click the Cart link to open the corresponding Cart for that Property Type.

Accessing a Cart From The Search Results Page
1. From the search results page, click the Carts button.
2. Select the Cart you want to view from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you have a large number of clients, you may want to select — more (click) — to display additional clients.

3. Click the View button to open the selected cart.

Accessing a Cart From The Contacts Page 
1. Hover to the My Matrix tab, then click Contacts.

2. Click the number link in you contact’s Cart button.

You can also access your client’s Cart by clicking your contact’s name in the Contacts Menu and clicking on the Carts Tab.

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