Cloud CMA – Creating a Flyer

Cloud CMA includes four report sets, including a CMA, a buyer tour, a single property report, and a property flyer.

Creating flyers is important to help promote a property on the market.


Create a Flyer

After you have logged in, click Flyer at the top of your screen.



Click Create Flyer (existing Flyers will also display on this page).



Enter the client name, any optional notes, and the property address or MLS number. Then click Fetch Listings.


Organize Listings

For one property flyer, organizing listings is not necessary. For multiple property flyers, you can sort them, click/hold/drag to re-arrange, uncheck to remove, view property details, and add more listings. Then click Customize Flyer.



Customize Flyer

Here you can choose your flyer Theme, Layout, Font, Title, and Description. Once you’ve completed customization, click Publish Report.



Completed Flyers

View, Edit, or Email the Flyer.



May 2020

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