Matrix: How to Use FHA Pros for Condos

Dynamic FHA Information at Your Fingertips

For members of Associations of REALTORS® opted-in to FHAPros, RatePlug has streamlined access to FHA approved condominiums. For each condominium listing, agents can click through to see an eligibility report.

From the Agent 1 line report – located on the far right of the 1 line report:

From the Agent Full Report – located under the map

If the condominium listed is FHA approved and eligible, RatePlug displays valuable information, such as:

  • Owner occupancy percentage
    • Percentage of FHA loans within the association
    • Number of Units in the association
    • Decertification date
    • Maximum FHA loan amount
    • Legal name of the association
    • If the FHA loan on the unit is assumable


Approved – Green


Approved/Caution – Yellow


Ineligible – Red


As of 11/6/19, if the condominium listed is not part of an FHA approved association, but may meet the criteria for Single Unit Approval, RatePlug will display a special “May Be Eligible” message:

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