Matrix: How to Use FHA Pros for Condos

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Dynamic FHA Information at Your Fingertips

For approved MLS markets and Associations of Realtors, RatePlug has streamlined access to FHA approved condominiums. For each condominium listing, agents can click through to see the eligibility report.

From the Agent 1 line report – located on the far right of the 1 line report:

From the Agent Full Report – located under the map

If the condominium listed is FHA approved and eligible, RatePlug displays valuable information never before available such as:

  • Owner occupancy percentage
    • Percentage of FHA loans within the association
    • Number of Units in the association
    • Decertification date
    • Maximum FHA loan amount
    • Legal name of the association
    • If the FHA loan on the unit is assumable


Approved – Green

Approved/Caution – Yellow

Ineligible – Red