Matrix: How to Manage Your Auto Emails

How to manage an Auto Email,

Step 1:  from the Matrix tab, Click on Auto Emails

Step 2: Track Status of Auto Emails

  •   Not Active, Pending Activation from Client
  •   Active, Scheduled to Auto Email
  •   Disabled, by Client, Agent or System

Step 3: Click on Auto Email name to manage

Step 4: Choose what to manage,

  • Settings – Allows you to update Recipient(s), Message, Enable/Disable,Concierge and Schedule
  • Criteria – Allows you to revise Criteria
  • Results – Allows you to view current listings within search criteria
  • Date Since – Allows you to view any recent listing changes within saved criteria since last viewed
  • Market Update – Allows you to view any Market Changes within saved criteria going back desired period of time
  • Open in Portal – Allows you to view Client Portal
  • Delete Auto Email – Allows you to permenatly remove an Auto Email