Matrix: How to Search by Map


On the Matrix home page, click on the Search tab and select the Detail or Quick search according to property type. Once you are on the search page, input your search criteria then click on the Map tab in the upper right hand corner of the page, the Map button on the menu bar at the bottom of the page, or the Map Search link on the search form.

The My Location link auto-detects your location based on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone’s current location to define a map search area in Matrix. Simply select a distance in the Within miles of My Location field and either type an address, city, or zip code in the input field, or click the My Location link.



Once you are on the map, you can click into the Jump to Address and type in an address, city, or zip code to jump to on the map. Alternatively, you can locate a specific county by selecting the county from the drop down Jump to list.




Map Search Tool Bar

The map search tool bar includes a robust selection of tools to maximize efficiency when working with the map.

Hold your CTRL + scroll to zoom the map.  You can also zoom into or out of an area by using the controls on the map as displayed with the + and – sign on the top right corner. The listings will auto-populate and will be identified by a pin in the map.

There are two options for the map view – Map and Satellite.  By clicking on either one on the top left corner it will toggle between both options.

Click on the LEGEND link on the bottom left corner of the map to get breakdown of Status, Property Type and Other


Drawing A Search Area

Use the drawing tools to select a search region on the map by drawing boundaries around the desired areas. You can choose to draw a radius, rectangle, polygon or free hand.  You can have multiple drawings on a search.   Examples of all four drawing tools are shown below.

By clicking on the red circle on a drawing, it will then give you the option to Delete Shape, Include this Shape or Exclude this Shape.

Note: When using the map search, do not select a county, city or MLS area in the basic search criteria page as this may conflict with the search regions you draw and could result in no listing matches.


Adding Search Criteria

To add additional criteria to your map search, click the Criteria tab. When you are done selecting your criteria, click the Results tab to view the revised listing results.



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