Paragon: Twin Home Search 11/23/2020

A ‘twin home’, while it looks like a duplex, is really a 2-unit Single Family Residence where each unit is (typically) owned individually and is one of only two units attached by a single wall, façade, ceiling, roof, or garage.

The term ‘twin home’ is no longer used in Paragon. Follow these steps to search for a ‘twin home’.

Note: If entering a listing or searching for an entire Duplex, use Residential Income.


Searching for Twin Home

Click on the Search icon and select Residential


In Property Sub Type, select Single Family Residence (SFR).


In Features, click the magnifying glass.


Scroll down to DC – Structure Type.


Select Duplex and choose either “Must Have” or “Must Have 1 or more.”


Common Interest is not a default field in the search template; you will need to add it to search by it. To add a field, click on Customize and then Fields.


In the Find box, type in Common Interest.

From the Available Fields, check the box next to Common Interest, and click Add.


The Common Interest field will be added to the bottom of the Selected Fields list.

To rearrange the field, click/hold/drag and drop, or check the box and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

When finished, select either:

  • Apply/Save – Save changes to an existing default or saved search for future use.
  • Apply/Save As – Save a new default or saved search for future use.
  • Apply – Apply to the current search temporarily. Changes are not saved for future use.


Here’s an example of the basic criteria for a twin home search.


Updated Nov 2020

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