Realist®Tax – The New Modern Realist User Interface

Realist® – The New Modern Realist User Interface

New Features of Realist include a Flash-free environment with a more responsive and modern user interface while keeping a familiar look and feel.

Let’s take a quick look at these new features.


View Results

When doing a search, the View Results field will display the number of matches even before selecting Search. Results update on the fly as you add or remove search criteria. View Results maxes out at 10,000 matches.



Realist can now display results for up to 3000 records. Results will display in sections of 1000 records at a time.



All returned results display on the map. Color coded map pins indicate the listing status. Green = Active, Red = Sold, Yellow = Pending, Purple = Expired, Black = no associated listing activity on the property record.



Realist has added a new Cards view – a quick thumbnail view that displays a photo and a few fields of key info for each property.



Table View. Click the icons to switch between Cards View and Table View. Click Customize Table to view selected, add, remove, and rearrange fields.



Saved Favorites

In the Cards view you can also take advantage of the new Favorites feature. Click the star to add any property from any search to your saved favorites. Access your saved favorite properties at any time by clicking on the star icon in the upper right of any Realist screen.


Sell Score Indicator

On the property detail report, Realist has added a new Sell Score Indicator graph. The results are based on complex predictive algorithms which are used to determine the relative likelihood a property will be listed for sale in the next 6 months.



Mobile Friendly

This new user interface is mobile responsive, so regardless the device you use, Realist goes with you wherever you go!



Future Features

Another feature coming soon is Realist integration with HomeVisit via the Postcards button. When this feature becomes available, Realist users will be able to click on a Postcards button to send selected property records to HomeVisit to create professional marketing and mailing postcards.



All these features and more will be at your fingertips with the new and improved Realist®!

May 2020

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