Matrix: How to View Search Results


From the Search page, click on the Results tab or the Results button. 


Once you generate the Results, Matrix will display a search result window like the one below. (You can toggle between Criteria, Map, and Results tabs directly from this screen.):


Refer to the table below for a list of links, icons, and displays available on the search results window.

Link or Display  Description
Next Click the Next link to view the next page of search results.
Previous Click the Previous link to view the pervious page of search results.
All, None, Page Click the All, None, or Page link to quickly select/un-select all listings on the search.
1 [2] 3 4 5 6 7 Click a number to jump that page of search results. For example, click 2 to view the sencond page of search results. The number in brackets indicates the current search results page that you’re viewing.
Listing ID  P123456 Click the listing number link to view the full listing.
St Name (Map) Main St Click the street name to view the listing on a map.
DOM/CDOM Click the DOM link to view a history of the listing or the CDOM link to view a comprensive listing history of the property. The history will incliude price changes, status changes, selling office compensation changes, and the USER ID of the changing agent or entity.

Note: To view property history by APN and/or Street Address, click the Property History link on the Search tab.

Display Select a display format from the Display drop down box to change the search results display one of the various display formats available.

Note: You can change the default result display on the search page only. You can also change your listing per page from 25 to 10, 50, or 100.

Criteria The search criteria you selected is displayed at the bottom left side of the search results window.



Refer to the table below for a list of icons available on the search results window.

Icon  Description


Click the selection box for each listing you would like to Narrow, Discard, Save, Sort, Print, Export, Email, or Map.
ViewingSearch_7 Click on the edit listing icon to modify your lising. Note: The edit listing icon will only appear for the listing agent and broker.

ViewingSearch_4 ViewingSearch_5

Indicates that either the list price or sale price has changed. The up arrow means that the list price or sale price has increased and the down arrow means that the list or sale price has decreased. To view the listing’s history, click on the DOM or CDOM link.
ViewingSearch_6 Click the portrait icon to view the photo(s) for this listing. Listings with a portrait icon with a plus in the upper right hand corner indicate that there are multiple photos available for that listing.
ViewingSearch_8 Click the map icon to view the listing on a map.
ViewingSearch_9 Click the Realist Tax 2.0 icon to open the listing in Realist Tax. Realist Tax combines public records, CRMLS listings data, maps, and market data in to a single research tool.
ViewingSearch_10 Click the Assessors Map icon to view the plot map of the listing.
ViewingSearch_11 Click the binoculars icon to add the listing to your Watched Listings. To access your watched listings, click the Watched Listings link in the My Matrix tab, or via the Watched Listings Widget on the Home tab.
ViewingSearch_12 Click the virtual tour icon to view the external virtual tour website for this property.
ViewingSearch_13  Click on the open house icon to view the Open House information of the listing.


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