How To Save Speed Bar Shortcuts

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Definition: The Speed Bar Shortcut allows you to create Custom Shortcuts that can be Saved and used in the Matrix Speed Bar anytime.

Step 1: From the Home Page of Matrix type your criteria in the Speed Bar and hit enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass in the Speed Bar search box for a list of sample short cuts.



Step 2: In the Search Results page click the Save button and select New Speed Bar Shortcut link to create speed bar shortcut.



Step 3: On the Save a New Speed Bar Shortcut screen, type the Shortcut name you would like to use. You must use alpha numeric characters and/or “&” ,”-“ and “_ “ are allowed. You may also type a description. When you are finished, click the Save button.

Note: All shortcut names must begin with a Forward Slash “/” . Shortcuts are not case-sensitive. Example: our shortcut is “/sandimas” (No spaces)



Step 4: To begin using your speed bar short cut, begin your search with a Forward Slash “/” followed by the short cut name and hit enter.