Matrix: How to Add a Listing to a Caravan (for Agents)

Note: Be sure to perform a Caravan search and note the caravan name, start time, and end time so that you can enter the information later on.


Caravan Search

Step 1: From your home screen, click on the Search tab.


Step 2: Under Caravan, click the Quick link.


Step 3: Click the Results button to display the available Caravans.


Step 4: Note the Caravan Name, Start Time and End Time so you can include this information when adding your listing to Caravan.



Adding a Listing to a Caravan

Step 1: From your home screen, click on the Add/Edit tab.


Step 2: Under Listings, choose your desired listing.


Step 3: Under Select Form, click Open House.


Step 4: Use the Add To Caravan drop down to select the desired Caravan Route and click Submit Listing.

Note: If you accidently choose the wrong caravan, you MUST contact your Association to remove it.


Updated Nov 2020

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