Auto Sold Listing FAQs

When a listing’s status is changed to Active Under Contract (U) or Pending (P), the listing Agent is required to enter an Estimated Close of Escrow Date (Estimated COE Date). If the listing’s status is not updated within 5 calendar days of the Estimated COE Date or the Estimated COE Date is not extended, the CRMLS Matrix platform’s Auto Sell feature will automatically change the listing’s status to Auto Sold (S*). Failure to update your listing within 2 business days after the Estimated COE Date has passed will result in a MLS rules violation.

Frequently Asked Auto Sell Questions


Q: Do I receive a notification before my listing status is changed to Auto Sold ()?

A: Courtesy notices are sent by email 14 days prior to, 7 days prior to, 1 day prior to, and on the day of your Estimated COE Date.


Q: How can I avoid getting an Auto Sold violation?

A: Extend your Estimated COE Date if that date is delayed, change the status of your listing within two business days of any status change, or manually close your listing if it has sold.


Q: What should I do when a listing’s Close of Escrow Date has been delayed?

A: If your listing’s Close of Escrow has been delayed, you must manually enter a new Estimated COE Date on the listing within 2 business days of the date of your previous Estimated COE Date.


Q: Can I allow my listing to go into the Auto Sold status if all of the Estimated COE information is correct?

A: No, you must manually change your listing’s status to Sold no more than 2 business days after the final closing date.

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