Paragon: Collab Center Auto-Notifications

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Before turning on the Collab Center Auto Notifications, you’ll need to set up your Collab Center Preferences, create your URL and choose its default settings. The easiest way to set up your Preferences is to follow the steps in the Collab Center Preferences Wizard.






How to activate Collab Center Auto Notifications for EXISTING contacts:

  1. Click on the Contacts Icon, and then select View/Manage Contacts
  2. Click on the contact’s Name to open their Contact Information Folders.
  3. Click on the General folder, and select Contact Information.
    Click the down arrow for Collab Center Search Options and select their searching options.
    **Note** The default you selected in your Preferences will automatically display in the field.

    • Disable: Contact cannot search in Collab Center.
    • New Only: Contact can only do a new search.
    • Agent Preview: Agent must approve properties before they are sent to a contact. The contact’s Collab Center search options will be disabled.
    • Select Save after ensuring your contact’s email and information are correct.
  4. Click on the Buyer Activity folder, and the click on the name of the search.
  5. Select Collab Center with Auto-Notify.

    a) If this is the first search for this contact that you’re activating the Collab Center with Auto-Notify, please continue following the instructions below.
    b) If you already have the Collab Center with Auto-Notifu activated for this contact on another search, the process is complete. The notifications for this new search are now activated. you can stop here and the notifications will be sent with the default settings. If you would like to refine the settings, follow the instructions below under Notification Settings.
  6. If you would like to change the default Notification Settings click on the hyperlink. The Advanced E-Mail Options will display.

    You can modify the Notification Date Range (cannot exceed 12 months)

    Click the magnify glass next to the Notification Triggers, to select what type of notices your contact will receive such as New Matches, Price Changes, Etc…
    Select the Client Scheduling times; Immediately or Recurring.

    • Immediately (default) sends emails as soon as properties match the search. Several emails could be sent daily.
    • Recurring sends an email at the time frame you set. Ideal for contacts requesting Daily, Weekly, or Monthly emails.

    You can also add additional email addresses to the Cc or Bcc Recipients fields which will stay with this notification. We suggest you do not Bcc yourself, as you’re receiving a copy of the email from Agent Notifications.

    Agent Notifications is how you, the agent, would like to be notified; Off (no notifications), Immediately or Recurring.

    Select OK to save settings and/or changes.

    Optional – If you’d like to change your Collab Center Preferences click on the hyperlink beneath the Notification Settings link.

  7. To start the notification process, you MUST click the Send Link button.
    (Again, the Send Link button must be selected if this is the first search for this contact that you’re activating Collab Center with Auto-Notify)
  8. The Send Link to Client box will display.
    This is a one time email welcoming your contact to the Collab Center.
    You can Preview the email prior to sending it to your client.

    Your clients will need to create a password, which is noted in their welcome email.
    Optional, you can personalize the Subject line and/or the email message.
    Click Send to start the Auto Notification process

    A Sent Email receipt will display. This is your confirmation that the Welcome Email has been sent, and that the Collab Center with Auto-Notify is now activated for your contact’s search. Select Close to return to the Contact Information folders.

This completes the process for Turning on the Collab Center with Auto-Notify.