Paragon: Virtual Open House Options 04/05/2020

Due to the COVID-19 viral outbreak, the only open houses currently available are virtual.  See our original communication on restricting open houses below.

CRMLS is restricting Open House features

CRMLS is restricting the open house features in all MLS systems including: Matrix, Paragon, and Flex.

The information below was emailed to all CRMLS users Saturday, March 21:

During this time of rapid changes and uncertainty, CRMLS will stay at the forefront of providing you with up-to-date information that can affect your business. 

In light of Governor Newsom’s Executive Order and C.A.R.’s recommendations, CRMLS is in the process of removing open house options from all CRMLS systems. 

For detailed information of this order, please visit C.A.R.’s article Stay At Home Guidelines. It is imperative in the interest of public health that agents and brokers abide by these new restrictions.

Thank you,

California Regional MLS



Virtual Open House/Live Stream in Paragon

Paragon now has a virtual open house option, allowing you to live stream video of properties to the public. Agents can use a multitude of online communication services, including GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, to conduct their Virtual Open Houses. See our Knowledgebase article for information on how to set up a Virtual Open House.


Once you have decided which online communication service to use, you’ll need to create a meeting or on-line event and copy that link/URL.



Listing – Adding a Virtual Open House


Adding a virtual open house to your listing is very similar to adding a traditional one.


In Paragon, click on Listings > Maintain Listings



Click on Select an Action and then select Add/Edit Open House.



Click on Add New.

Check the box next to Live Stream and paste the link/URL in the Live Stream URL field.

Select date(s) and time(s), add optional comments, and select Save.



Search – Virtual Open House


Searching for a virtual open house is very similar to searching for a traditional one.


Click on the Search icon, and then select Tour and Open House.



In the Tour/Open House Status field, enter O.

In the Tour/Open House Live Stream field enter Yes.

Enter any additional criteria and select Search.



Report Views


The new Tour/Open House – Live Stream URL field on reports will display a clickable link. Click on the link/URL to join or register for the Virtual Open House. You can also share the link/URL with your clients.


Tour/Open House Spreadsheet.



The new virtual fields and details will be available for custom Tour and Open House reports.



Collaboration Center and CollabLink – Consumer view


The Collaboration Center and CollabLink will now show virtual open house details in the Live Stream Open House Information area.



The following live web conferencing services are allowed in Paragon:

 BlueJeans

 Facebook Live

 GoToMeeting

 GoToWebinar

 Google Hangouts

 Google Meet


 Livestream

 Periscope

 Skype

 Microsoft Teams

 Webex

 Whereby

 YouTube Live

 Zoho

 Zoom




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